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A church leadership resource for women clergy or pastors.

At the height of a successful career in sales and marketing, Shirley felt God calling her to change the course of her life to become a pastor. As she traded corporate boardrooms for church boardrooms, little did she know that her new vocation would include an entirely different set of rules for the working relationships between men and women.  

Strange and foreign to the way she had always worked with male colleagues, the ensuing journey in ministry would include twists and turns she could have never anticipated. 

Unwelcome in some circles, Shirley reveals how she learned to navigate her way both as a leader and a follower on this bumpy highway. She tells how she developed the skills to take care of herself in the face of adversity and fostered the resolve to work effectively with people in the church. 

Take a ride with Shirley through the past two decades as she discloses the joys and pains of being a female in pastoral ministry. 

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