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Do you find it hard to get or stay connected with God
just because life is so busy?

What if there was a simple way to strengthen your relationship with God to grow and mature spiritually? 

You've Got It!

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Hi! I'm Shirley Goodman

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Listen & Grow!

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If you're a busy person who wants to be connected with God wherever you go, this podcast is for you!


Each episode brings thoughts from the Bible to help you make a daily, meaningful connection with God.


You'll grow spiritually as you get connected and stay connected with the every day God!

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About Shirley

For over 40 years, Shirley has successfully taught people how to thrive in their connection with God by showing them ways to use the Bible in their everyday life.

Her students say that her easy to understand language, down-to-earth examples, and nonjudgmental approach allows them to effortlessly see how the teachings can apply. The result is a framework of personal understanding that becomes the foundation for more peace and joy based on solid truths that make sense in today’s world.

Shirley strongly believes that every person can decide for themselves what lessons apply and how to put them into practice in a meaningful way. Her motto is: “The choice is yours!” 

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